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Ostmodern are looking for a Service Delivery Manager to help assist our clients with their live, in-market, products. This role is responsible for providing exceptional client communication as well as motivating a team of support operators.

The role of the Service Delivery Manager / Customer Success Manager has 2 key areas of focus:

1. Lead the client support function within the agreed business strategy to deliver excellent quality and customer service to Ostmodern clients

a. Develop upon and enforce Ostmodern’s established policies and processes to optimise client experiences

b. Ensure all relevant SLA targets are hit

c. Lead the monitoring and management of performance metrics to demonstrate performance and drive continuous improvement through direct reports

d. When required, ensure operational support teams are available to support live sporting events and major product launches

e. Act as an escalation point for the 1st Line Operations Team

f. Participate in the ongoing development of the 1st Line Operations Team

2. Establish and maintain excellent relationships with Ostmodern clients

a. Own the client relationship for production systems designed and developed by Ostmodern

b. Provide Ostmodern clients with regular updates regarding open tickets, product performance and SLA targets

c. Act as an escalation point for Ostmodern clients, managing expectations and ensuring feedback is fed back into service improvement

d. Participate in the procurement and onboarding process of new clients

The successful candidate should ideally have experience in similar industries and customer facing roles.

The primary responsibilities of the Service Delivery Manager / Customer Success Manager are:

1. Client Support

a. Ensure Ostmodern have a proactive and responsive support function that exceeds the needs of Ostmodern’s clients

b. Ensure the 1st Line Operations Team have the support to effectively respond to client calls, emails and tickets are responded to and resolved in a timely and professional manner according to our SLAs

c. Ensure clients are provided with regular service reports and ad-hoc incident reports

d. Ensure clients are educated on the best way to use our products

e. Ensure the support function represents the company in the best possible manner

f. Ensure that Operate a 24/7/365 support team that meets the needs of the business

g. Work with the business to negotiate necessary compensation for operation of the support team

h. Create and maintain relationships with clients and promote the company and products in the best manner possible

i. Act as an incident manager during major incidents

2. Process

a. Own client service support processes, ensuring they consistently followed, adaptable and scalable to meet the needs of the business

b. Suggest and implement changes to processes to ensure they stay affordable, effective and scalable

c. Regularly review all processes with all parties

3. Management

a. Direct line management of the Support Team

b. Ensuring that all training and development needs for the team are met

c. Organise and maintain rota for the 24x7 Support Team

d. Identify and mitigate against problems that frequently arise with management of individuals in support team

4. Documentation

a. Reporting format

i. Establish a consistent reporting format for issues

ii. Maintain and uphold an issue reporting format

b. Uptime reports

i. Ensure uptime measurements are effective and operational

ii. Monitor uptime and proactively resolve issues

iii. Provide regular uptime reports to the client

5. Incident reports

a. Work with team to understand cause of incident

b. Provide incident reports to the AM

c. Respond to follow up questions

d. Ensure that steps are taken to prevent repeat incidents

6. Cost reconciliation

a. Use internal tools to reconcile out of hours work against on call payment

b. Use internal tools to reconcile support work for each client vs license fee

c. Use internal tools to ensure resources are correctly accounted for

7. Regular reports

a. Provide AM with regular status report of their issues against their product

8. Processes & Rules

a. Visually document all processes to be followed

b. Provide concise documentation of rules or obligations for staff to follow within support process

9. Out of hours support

a. Act as an out of hours escalation point for wider team, and identify other escalation points to ensure broad coverage and resilience

b. Respond to escalation of issues

c. Resolve urgent issues with rota or staff availability


  1. Clients: Owning key support relationships with clients
  2. Board: Owners of Business plan, providing strategic direction and key decision making
  3. Management team: Collaborators in achieving objectives set out by the Board
  4. Head of Client Services: Working with AMs to ensure the highest possible service for Ostmodern clients
  5. Head of Development: Ensuring that any issues
  6. Resource Manager: For addressing resourcing concerns
  7. Product Analysts: Working with PAs to ensure the client receives the appropriate solution to any issues raised within an agreed timeframe
  8. Project Managers: Working with PMs to ensure the effective support of products
  9. Lead Operations Engineer: Line manager to
  10. Developers: To discuss bug resolutions and any new features
  11. QAs: Coordinating releases and testing bug fixes
  12. On call support team: Responsible for organising support rota and providing an escalation point for any issues


  • Lovely, creative and flexible company with a passion for design and technology
  • Opportunity to develop a career in an exciting, fast paced and innovative industry
  • Yearly bonus based on company profits
  • Own Macbook Pro to work on, which you are welcome to take home should you choose
  • Time off at short notice and work from home when necessary
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Pension scheme
  • A monthly entertainment budget for your team
  • After 3 years, you'll be eligible to take a sabbatical career break

About Ostmodern

Ostmodern are mix of around a hundred researchers, designers and technologists based in a lovely studio in Shoreditch. We’re committed to designing, building and evolving the world’s best video-based consumer products.

The company was founded as a UX and Design agency specialising in video-on-demand products for clients like Channel 4, ITV and BBC in 2006. Since then, we’ve built on our excellent reputation, expanding into the sports industry and building up our technical capabilities, allowing us to deliver products end-to-end.

Today, we’re proud to deliver flagship products for major broadcast and sports organisations, including Formula 1, BBC, Arsenal, and Channel 4. We operate at the high end of our markets, working with clients who want to innovate, and understand the importance of user insights.

We hire people who know their craft, and love working alongside colleagues with varied skill-sets, backgrounds and viewpoints. We believe strongly in the power of empathy; working as a united team, learning what forces are driving and challenging clients, and understanding their audience's’ motivations and anxieties.

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