Product Owner / Business Analyst

London, England, United Kingdom · Product


Ostmodern are digital product designers and content delivery experts specialising in video-centred products and we are looking for a Product Analyst to join a growing Product team. As a company built on a reputation of quality products, we see analysts capable of understanding what it takes to make a coherent product as an essential part of delivering innovative work.

You will be responsible for establishing, documenting and representing product requirements from conception to beyond the launch of a product.

Your knowledge of products should be broad but incisive, with an understanding of the decisions involved from a design, technical, UX, and business perspective. Ensuring the quality and clarity of a product, you will encourage processes that are adaptable but structured, whilst ensuring that the milestones are realistic, in-line with stakeholders expectations, and well communicated at all levels.

You should maintain a clear definition of the product and be a knowledgeable representative throughout the project. You will also work alongside a Project Manager to understand the costs, timelines and client requirements on a day to day basis.

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We believe that innovative design allied with rock-solid technology produces brilliant products. And, over the last seven years, we’ve proved that our strategic thinking, design approach and technical delivery ensures tangible competitive advantage and real commercial return.

Our team of specialists work with leading broadcast and sports brands to define product strategies, design human-centered experiences, develop innovative solutions and implement hardworking products across web, desktop, mobile, tablet and TV.

We prefer to let our work do the talking and with clients like the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Australian Football League, Yota, Arsenal FC, Virgin Media, News International, Microsoft, YouView and EE, our credentials speak for themselves.

The key to our success is a highly flexible, rigorous and tailored approach to projects. The result is collaborative and rewarding client relationships, leading to proven strategies and brilliant products that people want to use every day.

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